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"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

Education in Christ.  Preperation for Life.

Bookcliff Christian School & Preschool is centrally located in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado.  We have  been committed to teaching and growing young hearts and minds for over 30 years.  


"To glorify God by loving and teaching His children to grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man."


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newburyMeet the Newbury family, who has been a part of the BCS family for 9 years!  
Hear about their experience, and their oldest son's transition into middleschool. 

Hello! My name is Rachael and I am writing to share our story and how BCS has been a blessing to my husband Peter and our children Isaiah, Noah and Esa. God first led us to BCS through preschool. I was working as an Occupational Therapist with District 51 in their early education preschool program and one of the teacher’s recommended BCS.  Isaiah was struggling at the preschool he was attending, and the close attention, structure and love he received at BCS was just what he needed. Fast forward and Isaiah continued at BCS through 5th grade, and now is attending his first year of middle school.  

We’ve had a lot of parents ask about his transition, going from a small private school to public school.  It has gone extremely well.  There was a transition period, as I think takes place with all kids going from elementary to middle, but as most transitions go, we settled in.  Our first real feedback on how Isaiah was adjusting was during our parent teacher conference.  His teachers shared what made Isaiah stand out from his peers, which we believe are values that were instilled while at BCS.  His English teacher remarked that he takes his education seriously and that he recognizes that he is there to learn.  His math teacher spoke to his willingness to participate and be a leader in class, and his advisor said he is always kind to others, and had adjusted well.  Academically speaking, while at BCS, Isaiah was average compared to his peers. After standardized testing in the district, he was found to be at, or above expected 6th grade skills compared to statewide testing expectations.  All this is not to brag on his accomplishments, but to point out what we value and believe Isaiah brought with him through his experience at BCS.  Isaiah does miss BCS, but we find ways to stay connected with his old classmates through Bookcliff youth, organized get-togethers, and visiting during Noah and Esa’s BCS events.

We have always appreciated the many benefits that BCS has brought our children.  Currently, Noah is in 3rd grade and our youngest, Esa, is in first.  Some of the many reasons we chose BCS include the staff, curriculum, academic standards, Biblical principles and especially character building skills that are all intrinsically part of day to day life at BCS.  Our new music teacher, Mrs. Moore, has truly brought our music program to a whole new level and has made the education at BCS a well-rounded package.  We believe these are the reasons that Isaiah has been so successful in his first year of middle school and we look forward to watching Noah and Esa continue to grow and be nurtured at BCS!

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We realize that making choices for your child's education is a huge blessing and responsiblity.
Meet the Retherford family and hear about their journey through this important decision:

We were definitely the family on the fence about where to send our daughter to kindergarten.  We thought long and hard about this decision!!!  We absolutely loved Bookcliff Preschool and the staff and wanted to keep her there.  It was a financial commitment, but since Charlie started, we haven’t second guessed our decision once.  Making financial sacrifices for your child’s education is a very easy pill to swallow!  When I compared the curriculum and the hours she would receive from Bookcliff vs. public school, it was a no brainer.  We were sold on the all-day, 5 day a week, Kindergarten which is VERY unique to Grand Junction.  We really felt Charlie would enjoy learning a lot more, and would be much more effective at BCS.

Another huge advantage was the aftercare program.  We really feel that the tuition is very reasonably priced.  We aren’t paying anymore than we were for full time preschool and that is a huge plus and made it possible for us to afford it.  If we were to pay for early morning and aftercare programs at public schools, it runs pretty similar, and at Bookcliff it is a much more productive use of time.  Bookcliff utilizes that time to give the children a more well-rounded education that incorporates music, Bible study, PE, etc.  The fact that we get a private education for less money than we pay for daycare for our two year old is wonderful.  

The fact that we are in constant communication with Mrs. Stockart (who is amazing) and the closeness of all the staff/parents/and students, we feel we really made the very best decision.  We were completely sold after our first parent/teacher conference.  We were blown away at how much they are learning and so quickly.  We are also so impressed with the attention each individual child receives on their strengths and where they need work.  I know Charlie is receiving a better education in this Kindergarten program in comparison to others. 


This is our second year at BCS and my daughter loves every single teacher here! I have been amazed at all the skills and knowledge she has picked up at BCS. We have tried other preschools in the valley and no one compares. BCS offers so much more than we found anywhere else. It is always clean, the teachers are always genuinely happy and pleasant, and they cultivate a happy positive atmosphere that my daughter is thriving in.


The teachers and staff at BCPS have been so incredible, I couldn’t be happier with the school. Thanks for another great year and we are looking forward to next year!

Current Parent

The Pre-K class is great!

Current Parent

BCS is a terrific school and preschool, I will always recommend BCS to everyone!

Current Parent

Family atmosphere, positive teachers, positive office staff. I like that the doors are locked and I feel my child is in a safe environment.

Current Parent

The BCS curriculum, communications home, and the family atmosphere are amazing to see!

Current Parent

I love how Christ Centered the education has been. My kiddo is excited about learning about the Lord.

Current Parent

I like the friendly staff, great education and variety of education (ie arts, music and play.)

Current Parent

BCS has a family atmosphere, energetic & reliable staff, knowledgeable, loving, safe and easy to communicate with.

Current Parent

I love pretty much everything about BCS: love the staff, curriculum and price.

Current Parent

I love that the Bible is included in the classroom. I love the teachers and how much they care about my kiddo. I like the hours that are provided, for school/daycare.

Current Parent

We appreciate the smaller, more intimate environment; the extremely friendly and loving staff; and great teachers. BCS is very organized, safe and overall fantastic set-up.

Current Parent

BCS is a great Christ-centered learning environment; very encouraging and a safe place my son can grow mentally and spiritually.

Current Parent

We love the teachers and staff. It feels like a family. My kids love coming to school and I like that the school is locked.

Current Parent

BCS has loving teachers, consistent teaching of kindness, manners and obedience.

Current Parent

We appreciate the Christ-centered, family-like environment, safe and caring classrooms.

Current Parent

We love the science fair, G.A.T.E., music program, structure, faith- based teaching, & high expectations for children.

Current Parent

Both our children attended. I never worried about their safety. Their staff are quality people.

Current Parent

I like how attentive everyone is and how personable. I like the security measures taken to keep kids safe.

Current Parent

We are overwhelmed at the change in our son due to all of you! We love you all and appreciate your love, kindness, understanding, and support! We do not see a better place for a child to be than BCS!

the Hardricks

Going to BCS gave me a very firm standing in my Christian faith. The teachers there were able to show me Christ in ways that have remained with me through my adolescence and that I plan to carry on into adulthood as well. Spending time with strong Christians at such a formidable age helped me become the person I am today.


I am so thankful my parents were able to send me to a Christian school with such loving and caring staff and teachers. It was a different transition from public to private school. I can’t say I didn’t make mistakes, but through God’s grace I made it through high school still wanting to go to church and not straying away from God’s plans for me. Which makes BCS’s motto verse, Proverbs 22:6, perfect: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will NOT depart from it.” Thank you teachers, staff, and friends of BCS!


During my time at BCS, I was able to form close, lifelong relationships with many people. BCS instilled in me positive values that have served me well in my jobs, high school, and college career. Most importantly, however, BCS gave me a solid foundation in Christian values and knowledge that has blossomed into a passionate relationship with Jesus—and I will always be thankful for that


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