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Bookcliff does a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to help with things like scholarships and technology in the classroom.  

Here are TWO, EASY, YEAR-ROUND fundraisers that cost you nothing! A portion of your regular purchases can be given to our school and credited towards your tuition when you enroll in these simple programs.

1) Log into instead
2) Select Bookcliff Baptist Church as your charity of choice. (the proceeds will all be put into the schools account)
3) Then shop the same as you always do. Same products, same prices, etc. The only difference is that they will donate a percentage of your purchase cost to our school!

It’s that easy! It’s so easy that you can get all of your friends and family to do the same thing. They are small drops of money, but many drops can fill a bucket and make a big difference! That’s something to smile about

Scrip is simply purchasing online gift cards and using them for your usual shopping. Again, you earn money for your tuition with purchases you're already making!  Most schools ask parents to participate in Scrip to benefit the general fund, but at BCS you get a choice: earn money for your own child’s tuition, or donate it to the scholarship fund for families who cannot afford full tuition. Scrip takes a little planning ahead, but once you make it a habit, the earnings can really add up! There are 1,00’s of retailers to choose from: groceries, gas, clothing, travel, restaurants, home improvements, birthday and Christmas gifts, etc!!! Make your purchases count by making them with Scrip gift cards!

1) Click this link SCRIP

2) Enter Enrollment Code: BDBL3E7612715

3) Register for Presto Pay 

4) Begin shopping by looking for Scrip Now (select the scrip now filter on the left side)

Scrip Now are gift cards in the form of online codes, they can be purchased by selecting the exclamation point and entering your amount.

Scrip Now can be used immediately after your purchase.

Online shopping - simply cut and paste the code.

In-store shopping you can print and bring the code, or pull it up on your phone (we recomend taking snapshots of all your codes and organizing them in an album on your phone.  

5) All of you purchases will rebate a specified % to our school.  You can choose to have this credited directly to your child's tuition or to donate it to our scholarship fund to help families who cannot afford fulll tuition.  You can check your rebates at anytime through the reports tab in your account.

6) Family and friends can also enroll and earn funds, simply let us know their name and how they would like to designate the funds to be used.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or to get involved with other fundraisers throughout the year!

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